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Shirt Laundry



Shirts and Blouses are washed and pressed the same day if they are brought in by 10 am. There are times when we have more work that we can handle in a given day. In that case we ask for an extra day to process your order. We make every effort, however, to accommodate you if you indicate that you need your order sooner rather than later.


Your shirts and blouses can be finished with either  NONE, LIGHT, MEDIUM OR HEAVY starch

and they can be packaged either on HANGERS OR FOLDED and placed in a shirt bag or box.



We do not distinguish between Shirts and Blouses. The shirt/blouse pressing equipment is designed to handle shirts/blouses no smaller than a size 6 in most cases, depending on style. Anything smaller will not fit and will need to be hand ironed, and hence, will be priced accordingly.
Also, shirts/blouses with puffy sleeves, fancy collars, some pleating, shoulder pads, some buttons, etc.. will not press properly and in some cases may be damaged in the “shirt/blouse unit”. We will recommend that such items be hand ironed, but will gladly wash and press them in the “shirt unit” if so instructed by you.


The degree of stiffness a shirt or blouse will acquire is only partially based on the amount of starch added. A far more important factor is the fabric content of the item itself. The type of interfacing used in the collar, cuffs and front is also critical. A shirt or blouse made of 100% polyester will not absorb much starch, whereas a 100% cotton shirt will starch up with little effort.
That is not to say that all 100% cotton shirts and blouses will starch to the same degree given the same starch treatment. The weave, weight, interfacing, and chemical treatment by the manufacturer will all affect the ability of the garment to absorb starch.