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The environmental and health side of Dry Cleaning

For the last 40 years or so, the vast majority of dry cleaners cleaned in a solvent called Perc,  short for Perchloroethelyne. It is a chlorinated solvent that is very effective in removing grease and, with the right additives, many non-grease stains as well. You are probably familiar with its unmistakable odor since many cleaners still use it and it takes a minute amount of it to make it detectable to the average nose.

Of late, there has been a strong push by many regulatory agencies, such as OSHA and the EPA, by most environmental organizations and by some States (California, Massachusetts, etc.) to either regulate the solvent usage or to ban it altogether. The push is the result of the listing of Perc as “possible” and, in some cases, a “probable” carcigenous substance..

However, one cannot ignore the obvious. Perc is listed as a suspect substance by both OSHA and EPA and is being phased out of many operations.

That is why we have decided to end the use of Perc in our cleaning and have purchased new, state of the art, dry cleaning equipment that does  not use Perc. We now clean DF2000, a synthetic Hydrocarbon that is not listed as hazardous by any regulatory agency.

DF2000 is odorless and nearly colorless and it does not generate any waste that is designated as “hazardous” by OSHA or the Federal or State EPA.

You can now rest assured that your health is not being jeopardized and the environment is protected as a result of our new commitment to this new technology. You will continue to get the great cleaning you expect from us whether your garment is Dry Cleaned in DF2000 or Wet Cleaned.