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Mill Plain Cleaners cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes the feathers in your pillows without removing any of their oil. We can also accomplish this for a very reasonable price.

Feather pillows give great comfort and natural support to the neck and head because of the feathers ability to retain their shape. Feather pillows conform to the contour of your neck, while staying firm enough to hold up the shape in a desired sleeping position. You may hear the term ‘down’ when referring to feather pillows. Down is a light, fluffy fill which retains maximum warmth and volume. The right mixture of down and feathers creates the ideal pillow with a great balance in firmness, warmth, and fluffy volume.

A good goose feather pillow, often considered the Cadillac of pillows, should last 60-100 years with the proper care. Here are some of the reasons most of them don’t:

  • Every time a pillow is washed or steam cleaned, the feathers lose between 10 and 15 years of their usefulness.
  • Feathers depend on the oil in them for their life and softness. Washing or steam cleaning removes oil from them, shortening their usable life.
  • Getting a pillow cleaned and covered in a new fabric ticking, can extend the useful life by many years.